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Welcome To Nine Tails Studio

I aim to grow and learn as much as possible about the art world, from visual to digital. I love how art makes me feel and how it allows me to express myself in different ways. I am still learning and growing, but art has been with me for years.

Please note- I am a teen, and my parents are assisting me with my website and social media platforms by monitoring it.


I have been in the magnet program for the arts since 2nd grade. I hope to continue with my art throughout the rest of my school years and, at some point, with the help of my parents, make this studio into the vision I have wanted to do since 2020—make it profitable for college and so I can donate to charities that help other kids and teens explore and learn the arts, such as graphic arts, visual arts, music, and more.

I hope you enjoy what I post while I grow and learn!


Creative Outlet


Graphic Art


Visual Art


Teen Artist


Thanks for submitting!

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