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Anime Drawing Styles

10 Anime Drawing Styles- Here

Favorite Animes

Naruto & all spin-offs... there are several!
Chi Home Sweet Home
Welcome Demon School Iruma-Kun
Little Witch Academia
Cardcaptor Sakura
Doctor Stone
Ascendants of a Bookworm
Restaurants from Another World
Sailor Moon


Pokemon Cards
Geology- Raw stones and rocks...

  • Pyrite (fake gold)

  • Rose Quartz

  • Obsidian

  • Agate

.....and beyond

Favorite Books

Harry Potter Series
Upside Down Magic
Walk Two Moons
R.L Stine- Goosebumps

**Never to old to read a good book....and I have a lot of books which could be considered another collection too.

Favorite Computer Games

Minecraft - Love building worlds
Animal Crossing - Another world building concept
Mario Kart

Also love board games like Battleship, Sorry, Life, Uno,  etc.....

Other Interests

Gamer- see above
Cats & Foxes- favorite animals
Mathematics& Sciences
Crafting & Being Creative
Hanging with Friends  


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