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Working with my parents to bring my art to the world eventually, so that I can donate part of the proceeds to charity while replenishing my art supplies, paying for art classes, and putting a bit into my college fund. This is my dream and goal because my art is the joy and happiness I want to bring to the world. I want to be part of a world of kindness, change, and happiness.

We will be using for my artwork that isn't commissioned but my free-form pieces...We are hoping to get this up at some point.

Until then if you want a commissioned pieces-- I have decided to reserve the right to take these on a case-by-case basis as I am still under 18 and have lots going on. Furthermore, it has come to my attention and my parents that when I do take on a commissioned piece that there has to be transparency and a firm price range, so after lots of research and with the goals, I am working towards the minimum going rate is $24.95 an hour, which is reasonable for a new, young and upcoming artist. I also reserve the right to adjust this based on size, time, and difficulty level so that I may charge based on these aspects at a flat rate. I want my work to be paid for based on what it's truly worth and for my time.

Genuinely looking forward to seeing where this goes, as I have been accepted to a unique digital art program for school next year! More will be coming...

Thank you

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